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Davina Body Buff – 2011

Davina’s Body Buff Dvd- Released on 6th December 2010. All of Davina’s dvds are split into sections, aimed at targeting different areas of your body.  This dvd has 2 hours

Davina Fit – 2010

There are 4 x 30 minute self contained workouts on this Davina DVD.  Following a similar set up to the Super Body Workout DVD, you get to select from 4

Davina DVD – Power of 3

Although this DVD was released in 2004, it’s my favorite one to do when I have a full hour spare.  It’s the only Davina DVD that allows you select warm

Davina DVD – My 3 X 30 minute Workouts – 2005

There are three routines to choose from on this Davina DVD, Pump, Cardio Box & Core Stability.  Each section is 30 minutes long, so it’s easy to fit it into

Davina DVD – High Energy Five – Released 2007

In this Davina DVD, you finally get to meet Jackie & Mark at their home and see where the routines are developed and where Davina works out.  They’re really down

Davina Super Body Workout – DVD released 2008

I love all Davina’s Dvds but this one of my favorites. There are 5 workouts to choose from, 2 x 40 mins & 3 x 50 mins plus an extra 10 minute Abs section you can tag on to any of the other sections.

What’s great about the Davina super body workout DVD? Well, once again, Davina follows the instructions of her two personal trainers Jackie & Mark. The music is uplifting and really gets you in the mood and the routines are simple enough to follow. The SuperFit routine is great for increasing your fitness level & it includes some great aerobic kickboxing moves.

This section only lasts for 40 minutes so it’s easy to fit it into your daily routine. The Supersculpt section is more about toning and using a set of hand weights, Mark takes you through a tough 40 minute routine, with some 1 minute fat burning intervals inbetween. It doesn’t matter how many time I do this routine, I always have aching muscles the day after. It really is good for toning up your shoulders and the top of your arms and the squats really work your legs too.

If you have more time, it’s great to do one of the longer 50 minutes routines and also add on the 10 minute abs section so you get a full hour of intense working out. The Davina super body workout DVD is the best one in my opinion. The routines flow very well with the music and the exercises are easy to follow but really work you quite hard. I use 3kg weights. If you’re new to using weights I’d suggest starting with 2kg and working up to 3kg or maybe even 4kg. You can buy them from most large stores. You can also order them online from places like Argos or Amazon.

Davina Ultimate Target – New for 2012

Official Davina McCall

Davina’s latest DVD will be released on the 5th December and no doubt it will sell like hot cakes. Davina has sold nearly 2 million fitness DVDs to date. It’s the 8th one in the series, you can pre-order it now. I’ve ordered mine already and will post a review as soon as I try it.

I’m looking forward to it as usual but I do hope the music choice is better than on the last one! The extras section should be funny. Davina visited Sydenham School in South London and completely surprised a group of 10 year old girls who regularly work out to Body Buff in their PE class.

This DVD has two self-contained 30 minute workouts, a fantastic abs routine and three target workouts to focus on those problem areas. The warm up and stretch section is separate which is slightly annoying.

Here’s a preview of the three target workout

Fabulous Fat Burner–Cardio workout with some funky Latino moves 

Brilliant Boot Camp–A squats and toning fest to give you a sculpted body

Target Abs
–15 minutes of terrific tummy toning

Target Workouts
–Three short but very effective routines, targeting specific problem areas:

1. Bingo wings
2. Summer shoulders
3. Bikini bum

If you haven’t already ordered a copy , you can order ultimate target now.

Remember to check back in mid December for the review.

Davina Body Buff – 2011

Davina’s Body Buff Dvd- Released on 6th December 2010.

All of Davina’s dvds are split into sections, aimed at targeting different areas of your body.  This dvd has 2 hours worth of workouts, split into the following sections:

Buff Warm up – Quick warm up section.

Buff Cardio – 30 mins of High energy aerobics with lots of fat-burning intervals plus 5 minutes squeezing those abs.

Buff Boxing – 30 mins high intensity workout including 5 minutes working those abs again.

Then to target your specific areas:

  • Buff Legs and Core – A 20 min workout aimed at shaping up your legs and strengthening your core muscles.
  • Buff Arms – A 15 min routine using weights to buff up your arms. Davina recommends investing in a set of hand weights, 1 or 2 kilogrammes or if you prefer, you can use a bottle of water in each hand.
  • Buff Abs – Basic 5 min abs routine followed by a tougher 5 mins for the more adventurous!
  • Buff Stretch -Cool down section, with the option of doing either a shorter standing up version or you can add on a further 5 min extra yoga-style stretch.

The extra’s section features Meg Matthews and her nutritionist, Hala El-Shafie. Davina pops around to Meg’s home and has a good old nosy around, Meg shares her story about the skin problems and eating issues she’s had. Hala El Shafie gives her advice for healthy eating.

I’m a huge fan of Davina’s dvds and I own every single one. However, I’m not that keen on this one to be honest, which is surprising because I love all the other dvds. I don’t really like the music, it’s a bit too heavy. Some of the exercise routines just don’t flow very well, they feel a bit jerky, not as smooth flowing as they usually are.

The flashing lights in the background are distracting and irritating. I don’t like how the warm up section is separate. I prefer to start each routine with a warm up and then to go straight into the routine. You actually have to select the warm up, press play on your dvd, do the warm up, stop, go back to the remote, select the routine you want to do and then press play. Not a major problem but it does disrupt your flow.

I much prefer “Super Body Workout” and “Davina Fit” to be honest. I hope her next one reverts back to the usual standard.